All art is a form of story telling. I’ve always loved cinema, so I’ve focused rich narratives to a single image, paintings that evoke a much larger story.


A Fiasco In the West Village

So many of paintings develop a narrative, as I spend time with the canvas. “Fiasco” is one of these. After creating the central figure’s Nantucket Red pants, I placed him and his pecular gate in the affluent West Village, adding characters to the perspective of the corner and narrative. A real scene stealer, oblivious to his dog’s leash tangling up the skateboarder, who probably belongs a half mile east.

I love the green tree, and the background the figures under the early fall tree, starting to change color. The transition between summer and fall hangs over a corner that doesn’t exist in real life, but is cobbled together from structal elements cobbled together from this wonderful New York neighborhood.

30 x 24 $5000


The Dame

Mark and Jay were two of my bosses, who went off on a new adventure before I had a chance to hang this in their office.

I told them about about an old man I worked with at an office supply store years early, who couldn’t stand the sight of a regular customer, as we were spit balling ideas for a television ad. I asked a coworker why Jim, the old man, hated this customer so much. “It’s gotta be over a dame.” For some reason this cracked me up, and it made Mark and Jay laugh too, so hence forth came “The Dame.” Jay smoothly slides closer, leaving Mark to foster a resentment.

This painting was made in good in fun, I particularly like the red figure looming in the background. Its a New York moment on quiet subway car.



Ocean City

A great moment by the ocean is narrative enough to me. The figures abstraction balances chaos against a simple three tone pallet. Another great day at the beach.


Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 2.33.53 PM.png

Bad Dad

“Bad Dad,” was the title of an unreleased album, and the manager artist asked me for art work. I leapt and the oppritunity and created this work. The artist didn’t like it, and I learned a valuable lesson in up front negotiation, but was really happy with the work I created.

The painting was informed by the lyrics of the album which were rich, describing the life of an alcoholic father, trying to do the best for his child. I incorporated elements through out.

As I was reading John Updike’s “Rabbit Series,” about another less then spectacular father in the fictitious Brewster Pennsylvania, I peppered in moments from that as well; one being Rabbit, in the yellow shirt, shadowing the red hooded dad.



Brooklyn Crossing

A lot of my painting career took place from an art studio I held in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I loved the over heard track where my studio stood under the Marcy Stop, and the colorful mix of people that created that neighborhood.

This is them, mixed with abstraction, populating a neighborhood that mixes transient artists with those of deep native roots.

20x16 $1000



To be honest, I painted this guy with a weird head, through a cap on it, and thought he looked like a baseball player, so painted an old time background. To be even more honest, I love this one for its rawness and simplicity.

$1000 16x12


Legs and Socks

Sometimes, often, the best story is a lazy moment of solitude. “Legs and Socks,” came from a quick sketch I did by Madison Square Park in New York City. The early spring, finds a nice mix of sunbathers, and gentleman still wearing their scarves. Growing up in Southern California, I love the north east’s moments of season transformation, and look to capture that quite often.


Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 2.31.25 PM.png

Dotty and Doug

This painting is an interpretation of a couple friends of mine, having a few decades shaved off the clock. Younger with parental figures looking on ready for trouble, its a story of young love.

I’m a fan of the fig tree that looms in the background, providing the room with a nice sense of depth.



Playground Abstraction

Pushing my style towards a dream like confusion, this painting is of a nightmare, that one where you show up to school naked.


Corner of Bowery and Spring, NYC 2012.

Corner of Bowery and Spring, NYC 2012.